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Training Path & Autonomy: Power BI lessons of adoption #3

Training is an excellent opportunity to meet your people. To make acquaintance but also to deliver the right message to them.During the training, you learn more about their expectations and challenges, and you can give them not only the techniques HOW to use Power BI and HOW to use it correctly in the company but also the WHY they must use Power BI in that particular way. A good match with the Governance that you need to implement.

You should organize the training on your own. When I google the training offer on Power BI, I usually notice the same approach. The courses are given regardless of the audience specificity. At best, we have a difference between “Business users” and ” developers” or “Technical audience.”
But, if you put your mind into the Self-BI culture adoption, you need to organize the training in degrees of autonomy.
My vision of autonomy is the following: 

It is an “A la carte” menu, but every path should start with the basics and that even for IT people.

Also, you should consider proposing the right content at the right “momentum.” There is no point in training people for a whole week then wait 6 months for them to have access to the product.
Instead, plan your Power BI education bricks in parallel with the phases of a project. Doing so can lead to a holistic approach that comfortably accompanies the user’s journey. I develop this strategy in a subsequent post.
Of course, training can take many forms: Classroom, workshops, online tutorials, Bootcamp. –-> The next posts in the series will explain the different ways to bring knowledge to your users.

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