Evening thoughts…

I am just finishing a huge list of “todo” tonight and I am still wondering how I make priorities…coz..

I had this discussion with a dear friend about community contribution. “Isabelle you are not blogging, you do not share your skills. You do not show enough what’s going on in your day to day”.

And —–yes this is true—-And I feel guilty and even lazy ….

Since last year I have been working on two amazing and challenging projects on Power Bi .  And every day I am learning some amazing stuff.
Does my list of post draft  count ??(#ashamed).  I will also present a session on these topics at different events.. and also another one . More technical. and.. STOP with the excuses… Why are you not doing your homework…

Actually I am, by co-leading a user group for years. We are organizing event….And I fully embrace it.
If I share my knowledge it is just me to the other… If I am involved in organizing one event or more that mean I am sharing the knowledge of 10 or 15 or 20 people…right ? We put together people, passionate people,  and that is how you build a true community…How can you shine dear friend  if I am-we are – not organizing event ???

This must been said…Because today we need to “show off” what we are doing .. how can I calculate and represent the hours spent in Skype, the mails, the unexpected skills we develop to put people together around the technologies we love, the skills we want to see spread ?

This post is dedicated to all the other dear friends actually spending hours of their nice sunny spring weekend to prepare exciting conference, meet-up and other Saturday…

By the way– Let’s see in PARIS

15 & 16/6

6 & 7/7 SQL Saturday Paris 2018


And just for the happiness of the first mentioned dear friend…help me to pick one of those draft…I have just committed myself to write one article a month ^^

1 thought on “Evening thoughts…”

  1. Je pense que l’organisation du SQLSaturday ou du PowerSaturday permet de partager les connaissances encore plus qu’un article sur un blog. Continue, c’est un gros travail bénévole mais c’est très important pour la communauté 🙂

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