Power BI Report Server, the ice-cream buffet that you may need

Today I will present again my session on PBIRS et the PowerPlatform Summit, in Amsterdam. This will be an enhanced version thanks to the presence of a Jason Tremper from the Microsoft product group itself -he has been working on the SSRS platform for quite a while! I like this session, and I love the product although it may seem not sexy as Power BI services are. I used it on a real project for almost 2 years.
Let’s see why:
Because sometimes customers are not entirely ready to use the Cloud, Power BI Report Server is a really great variation of SQL Reporting Services. On this on-premises server, you can publish and consume a large panel of reports type. Yep, the real world is not monolithic…and your insights may be consumed in different ways.
Back in the years, Microsoft BI requires the (in)famous Sharepoint BI portal. For a while, it was the place to be. It came with a price… Not only the license fees but also the integration between the Sharepoint farm components and the SQL services, with some extra components configurations. With this version of Power Bi Report Server, you may not need Sharepoint at all and offers to your user an excellent all-you-can-eat flavored ice-cream buffet. This metaphor that I use in my presentation gives me the idea to do some infographic cheat-sheet.

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