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March: Women’s month

March is about to end, and this year I felt the urge everywhere about gender diversity. So I will quickly collect some of my thoughts of this year around the meme “Woman in technology.”

I wrote this for SQL Saturday Cambridge 2019 magazine:
Not a new species—just a specialist!
I have been working in Information Technology for almost 25 years. Today this field is full of people like me, but I’m supposed to feel special because I am part of another species called “women.” And Women in IT seems to sound so deliciously provocative, transgressive, whatever… Am I like a unicorn in a Zoo?
Yes, I am a feminist. A real one (–evil and patriarchy-blaming with big scissors in my hand). ☺
Revendication and aspirations???
Things will be ok when it is ok for women to be an asshole without gender being relevant: I do not wish to be disparaged nor sanctified because of my gender. That said I am glad that this event chooses to put the spotlight on reality. Women in IT remain a sort of curiosity. The same day I received this request for content, I was asked on my new project if I was comfortable to work with men. The same question I had been asked over 20 years ago in my first job interview as a consultant! #rollingeyes
Are there potential solutions to these frustrations? It is a global representation/ stereotypes problem. For instance, I always struggle between the will to raise my voice for Women in the IT world and the fear to be known as that not-technical person, a girl who is known for being an activist more than being an expert in their field.

But today I do it. Because I do not wish to read mansplaining about my reality, and I merely want to highlight those facts. But it is trying feeling the urge to be responsive, pointing things out, and trying to fill this gender gap.
So now you know….

Source: As of September 2018– My MVP leader was kind enough to provide me with anonymous Gender qualified data about the MVP community.

I was also curious about my own biases and diversity in my networks… I am doing worst than Twitter…

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